Creation of diverse SEO campaign for your website

Backlink diversity. Staggered links Detailed report with each order. Each url is put into an indexer service and drip-fed. Free!

About This Service

    All in one seo package

I will create great backlink diversity to your site or any url from a wide range of sites with an SEO campaign 

Get link to your site that look natural to the search engines and start ranking with a campaign that works.

With the premium pack you also get an SEO action plan, full site audit and analysis & penalty risk report for your site and a campaign based on report recommendations specific to your site. 

  Safe and effective

You Get :-

backlink diversity
Tiered links
Detailed report with every order.
Every url put into an indexer service and drip fed. Free! 
Super Spun content with every submission. 
Fast service & full support
handwritten report on your site with detailed and manual analysis (premium pack only)

I accept sites in any language

 Checkout the extras for even better results.

Great for:-

Affiliate Sites
Any url you want to rank

Order now and beat your competition

  • Industry Expertise
    • Arts 
    • Business 
    • Crypto & Blockchain 
    • Cyber Security 
    • E-Commerce 
    • Education 
    • Environmental 
    • Financial Services/ Banking 
    • Games 
    • Government& Public Sector 
    • Health & Wellness 
    • Insurance 
    • Kids and Family 
    • Legal 
    • Media & Entertainment 
    • Medical & Pharmaceutical 
    • News 
    • Non-Profit 
    • Real Estate 
    • Retail & Wholesale 
    • Society and Culture 
    • Sports and Recreation 
    • Technology & Internet 
    • Transportation & Automotive
  • Language
    • English



create a basic seo campaign for any URL or site with 300+ backlinks. Good for all sites & new sites

 4 Days Delivery    

What's Included

  • Off-Page Strategy
  • Delivery Time - 4
  • backlinks - 300+



Create multi tiered links with an SEO campaign for 600+ backlinks. Good for all sites.

 5 Days Delivery    

What's Included

  • Off-Page Strategy
  • Delivery Time - 5
  • backlinks - 600+



diverse range of backlinks to any site or URL. Over 1000 backlinks plus SEO action plan

 6 Days Delivery    

What's Included

  • Off-Page Strategy
  • Delivery Time - 6
  • backlinks - 1000+

Compare Package

Package Basic
Off-Page Strategy
Delivery Time 4 5 6
backlinks 300+ 600+ 1000+
Total $35

Frequent questions


Why should I use this for SEO


This allows you to create diverse backlinks from a wide range of different sites by having very large list of sites & platforms to post content to. Site lists are updated frequently


What are the PR of the sites?


Google have removed PR and this is no longer a vaild metric but the sites are on a wide range of platforms and are a mixture of Dofollow, nofollow, high and low authority as this is exactly what the search engines expect to see from natural links.


how long will it take me to be first in Google?


This depends on your niche, your keywords you are targeting & what your competitors are doing and where the site stands with regards to onsite and offsite seo. It is not possible to guarantee, or promise, first page rankings but a site can rank if it has no penalties and has not been spammed


Can you provide a sample report?


I do not provide samples for several reasons. This will mean providing reports from other customers and customers data is confidential & since different packages use different sites and sites are updated very frequently by me no two reports will be the same and this also avoids footprints


does this result in increased traffic?


When the site starts to rank more traffic will go to the site but there are no instant results & if the site is not currently ranking at all or has been penalized by Google this will need to be fixed first before you see any increase in traffic


Can you provide keywords to use


I can do keyword research to find keywords to use for the seo campaign and for the site with the extra for keyword research


Are these all niche specific links


Getting niche specific links would require contacting each site owner in the niche for every link and for hundreds of links this is of course not possible. These are links placed on sites that allow posting to using relevant content , anchor text or urls where allowed