Audiobook edition for audible acx

Excellent editing work for your audiobook

About This Service

*Please contact me before ordering a gig*

I'm a professional audio engineer with more than 10 years experience in sound production, having successfully completed 1500+ orders on Fiverr.

I can professionally edit and master your audiobook according to ACX / Audible requirements.

My services includes:
retakes, mistakes, long pauses removal;
making the audio consistent in audio levels;
manual removal of any mic pops, mouth clicks, loud breaths and other unpleasant mouth sounds;
background noise reduction;
mastering the audio and converting the files to meet ACX / Audible requirements.

All I need from you is a raw audio and a script. I will edit the audio and double check if it matches the script, so you'll get an audio book that is completely ready for uploading to ACX / Audible.

$60 is a price for editing 1 hour of raw audio.

If you need just mastering of your audiobook and don't need detailed editing that requires listening to all the audio, the price is negotiable, so contact me for the quote.

Please send me your audio before ordering a gig and I will make a sample for you free of charge.

Audiobook editing


Complete editing of 1 hour of audio, including mastering, retakes and mistakes removal

 5 Days Delivery       2

What's Included

  • Audio Editing
  • Split Chapters
  • Noise Reduction
  • Retail Audio Sample
  • Revision - 2
  • Delivery Time - 5